OurĀ Bullhorn API WordPress Plugin that will allow you to display information within Bullhorn onto your WordPress based website has received another new feature, candidate resume upload. View our Bullhorn API WordPress Plugin page to find out more.

Bullhorn is a popular recruiting software, almost all recruitment companies use the Bullhorn system to manage their job database as well as applicants. A key selling point for Bullhorn is their web API, in short this means that their customers can link their website to their back end system, automatically displaying jobs in their system onto their website.

This is where we come in as Bullhorn API integration specialists. An Application programming interface (API) is a method to allow two systems to communicate with each other, we connect with the Bullhorn API to grab the jobs from your system and display them on your website.

What websites do we integrate with?

We can integrate the Bullhorn API with almost any website sitting on any system. We can even develop it to fit into your chosen Content management System. WordPress is traditionally a blogging platform but has emerged into the worlds most popular CMS, browsing the web you will see many people have tried to integrate Bullhorn with WordPress but few have succeeded. We are one of those few, we can integrate Bullhorn into your WordPress website.

Why use squarechilli to integrate Bullhorn into my website?

A natural starting point for any company is to contact their current web developer to integrate Bullhorn into your website. Learning a new API especially one the size and depth of the Bullhorn API is a huge undertaking. Our experience of the system means that we can integrate quickly providing the functionality that you require.

This is a long page, what are our next steps?

Contact us, we will show you some of our past work, pass on some references to back up what we say and provide you with a quote.

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