Branding is not just about a logo, although that is the main thing most people recognise about a brand. Strong brands are instantly recognisable, some companies go as far as to remove their name from their logo. Starbucks for example removed their name and are now left with just the siren which has nothing to do with coffee. A very bold move but one that shows that they have an instantly recognised brand wordwide.

Nike are another example, their name is instantly recognisable across the world et much of their branding is focussed around a simple ‘tick’.

How can branding benefit my business?


A strong brand will stay in the minds of customers and potential customers and a brand that has established a good reputation will generate trust, which moves us onto;

Create a relationship

People feel at ease with what they know, they don`t need to have purchased a product or service from them before but if they recognise the name and/or logo/and or materials they will feel as though they have a relationship with you. Say you are looking for a product online but have never bought anything online before, would you buy the same product from ‘Bobs Bonanza Store’* or Amazon?

Perception of quality

A known brand provides a perception of quality, in tests when two products are shown, one containing a brand and the other without, the vast majority of people chose the one associated with a brand.

Branding is important to a business, contact us and we can help you as much or as little you need. Do you know what direction you want to go in, what perception of your business do you want to give etc etc.

*If Bobs Bonanza Store actually exists I mean no offence, you may sell some excellent products but I have never heard of you, I’d rather buy from Amazon – sorry Bob.