Lets face it, we all know someone who can build a website these days using the tools available on the market. Pick up a copy of Dreamweaver or Frontpage and off you go. What makes squarechilli apart from your average ‘one man in a bedroom’ is our proven skills, experience and abilites.

Having been developing websites  since 1995 we have grown with the industry. From our early efforts in the 90’s (as scary as Peter Stringfellow) we have progressed into a leading force in website development, pioneering the css led development techniques that are gaining in popularity today.

All of our website code is optimised for efficiency providing fast loading times, fully standards compliant and will stand the test of time for future compatability.

Our websites are developed mostly on a bespoke basis. Each website is unique and coded as such, however we have a stock library of inhouse developed common website scripts to shorten development times and reduce costs for our customers.