Ashbourne Town Council

Ashbourne Town Council required work on their brand identity and a new website design and development.

Ashbourne Town Council website

We have created Ashbourne Town Council a suite of items including a new high resolution logo, brand guidelines and website design and development.

The previous Ashbourne Town Council website was failing in terms of presenting information, generating further interest in the popular visitor destination and was difficult to manage and maintain.

We started from the ground up, we modernised the brand and created a website exactly based around the requirements of the council. Working closely with each department, we have provided succinct areas of the website for each department to promote their offering which has resulted in an immediate increase in traffic.

The website is now easy to maintain, encouraging more updates and has now become a firm part of the office workflow.

In addition to the website, we recreated the Ashbourne Town Council logo and created a set of brand guidelines, ensuring the brand is used correctly across all channels.