Aphrodite Chocolates

Any project involving chocolate has to be great, but the Aphrodite Chocolates project was a pleasure to be involved with. We created a new brand for the established handmade chocolates company with a new e-commerce website to showcase their chocolates perfectly.

Aphrodite Chocolates website

Aphrodite Chocolates were established in 1997 and quickly became well known for their high quality handmade chocolates. They contacted us to rebrand and modernise the company appearance and also create a new e-commerce website through which to sell their chocolates.

We worked closely with Lia and Arthur (who designed and built the original Aphrodite Chocolates website) to create a stunning brand that exudes the same quality of their chocolates.

We modernised a glyph Lia loved and coupled this with a modern typeface and black and gold colour scheme to form the basis of their brand, the website introduced a new style of imagery that shows the true quality of the chocolate made.

Of course a website can only do so much, find out and treat yourself to a box of their delicious handmade chocolates.