What tweets do you want to see?

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Over the last 1275 days since we joined the twittersphere we have tweeted almost 3000 times, much about what has been on our minds, some insightful, some random ramblings but it’s all been just what we have fancied tweeting at the time.

TwitterBut what do you want read from an amazing brand / design / development twitterer?

Would you like to read;

  • Interesting articles from the industry,
  • What we are upto (our work, new clients etc)
  • Personal stuff such as the random things our dogs do that keep us amused
  • Service type tweets i.e. email service upgrades
  • Ideas on how to improve your own websites, brochures, logo etc
  • Hints and tips
  • Anything else?

This is where you come in, either let us know via our twitter @squarechilli or leave a comment below (hint: if you leave a comment, remember to fill in your website url to link back to your own website) to let us know.

Happy tweeting.

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