New year, new look

Posted by on Nov 27, 2017 in News | No Comments

You may have noticed a subtle logo change this year, this is in preparation for our new look that we had hoped to also launch this year but due to being busy running awesome projects for our customers we simply ran out of time.

In the background, this year has been a superb year of growth. The immense success of our WordPress plugin for Bullhorn we now have a dedicated team working on those projects, ensuring that we are able to take on more work without compromising our core offering of website design and development. AS natural growth from our successes in recruitment, we have also created a specific product for recruiters imaginatively called Recruiters Websites.

We have also continued to develop our web based applications and have produced applications for the NHS and private companies.

On top of this we have designed and developed some pretty amazing websites including and to name a few.

We have just over a month left of this year and three projects to complete, but next year time has been set aside to finally launch our rebrand. The same amazing services with a new look that better showcases what we do.

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