What is the Venda cms?

The Venda CMS is a powerful e-commerce platform powering some of the biggest retail websites in the UK and internationally as well as many smaller businesses.

Venda Tag trained developers

As venda tag trained developers we can build upon your website or develop a whole new website utilising your existing content.

What can we do for your Venda based website?

The Venda Control Panel (VCP) lets you add and modify content on your website within predefined templates, to protect their systems they restrict access to these templates to only tag trained developers. These templates use a proprietary tag system unique to Venda, as approved developers we can work with these templates and the Venda tags to change any area of your website.

Here is a common list of things we usually develop into Venda websites, although the only limit is your imagination.

  • Add custom tracking code
  • Modify headers and footers
  • Create landing pages
  • Create new dedicated sections
  • Intelligently add specific content based on certain parameters eg target a set group of products
  • Promote your products more intuitively
  • Or redesign your whole website

Why use us to update your Venda website?

The Venda CMS has many features that you probably didn’t know existed, we can use this functionality to increase your page views and conversions.

Venda themselves provide template updating services however often customers need a fast turnaround or a much more cost effective solution.

Call us to turn around your project quickly and often over half the cost.