So what is social media marketing? Think Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing with Facebook

With Facebook you can display your own information or even sell products in Facebook, encourage contacts, encourage newsletter signups – the only limit is your imagination. In the past this would have cost a small fortune (by that we mean six figures) but Facebook implemented a technology called iframes in 2011 which lets us do all sorts of great things directly in your facebook page.

Social media marketing with Twitter

Twitter social media can be extremely powerful. Say you have 100 followers, you tweet something and 10 of your followers think your tweet is worth retweeting to their followers. If they themselves have 100 followers each your single tweet has been seen by

100 of your followers +
10 followers with 100 followers each – 1000

=1100 people.

But Twitter doesn`t just stop there, any of those 1100 people could also retweet your message resulting in many thousands of people seeing a tweet that took you seconds to write.

Contact us to find out how we can help your message be seen, just make sure your website can cope with the influx of visitors!