Search engine optimisation is all about getting your site to appear in search engines. Most people don`t look past the first few pages of results (contact us for some really geeky stats regarding click percentages dependant on where you appear on search engines) so to get oodles of traffic from google you need to make sure you have some sort of search engine optimisation.

This page presumes you are a new client, if you have an already established website and wish to implement search engine optimisation on that site, we have a page for that, visit search engine optimisation for existing websites.

There are two types of search engine optimisation (SEO), internal and external.

Internal search engine optimisation

All internal search engine optimisation is carried our at time of website development completely free of charge. We want our websites to work for our clients so never hand anything over that requires additional work.

The way a website is developed can greatly improve your search engine optimisation. A page needs to have clearly defined kwywords, these keywords should be used in the titles, headers and in the body copy. The website should also be developed using semantic code.

Think of a website like an exam. There are lots of questions, some are worth 10 points, some worth 1 point. We make sure all of the 10 pointers are ticked and sort as many of the 1 pointers as we can before we hand over to you (if you have a content management system CMS). Don`t worry though we will give you full training on how to keep those 1 pointers going to ensure your internal search engine optimisation continues to gain full marks.

External search engine optimisation

So we have gained top marks with our internal search engine optimisation but we want to give the website that extra push. External search engine optimisation is just as the name suggests, external to the website. Google and other search engines believe that popular websites will contain better and more relevant information. To make your website popular we need to gain as many other websites to link to you as possible. We encourage you to contact as many websites as you know and ask for a link back to your own website. Whilst all links count you probably won`t have more than 10 link back to you.

Using our external search engine optimisation we can create you thousands of valid and recognised links, you will see your website rise the rankings esulting in many more visitors.

Contact us to chat more about external search engine optimisation.