You are probably at this page thinking ‘what the buggeries is electronic marketing?’.

We can market you product or service via traditional methods which are still very effective, but lets jump into the 21st century and look at electronic marketing.

Pay per click advertising campaigns

You will have no doubt seen the pay per click advertising but maybe not known exactly what it is. In google they are the search results right at the top of the page in yellow or down the right hand side of the results page. You basically bid for a slot and position, your final position is calculated after google looks at the page the advert points to, the text in the advert and the fee you are willing to pay each time someone clicks your link.

You can potentially spend a fortune with this if you don`t know what you are doing, we will create you targetted campaigns that will generate an unrivalled ROI.

Lead based websites

We can create you a website specifically targetted towards what you want to achieve. Looking to sell a particular product? Create a website just for that product, these lead based websites prove to be very effective and can exist indefinately or for a fixed period of time. A perfect example of a lead based website would be to promote an event or a new product launch for example.


Is your target market in a particular location? We can determine electronically where a user is located and aim the material directly at them. Want an example?

Hey, what is the weather like there in

Advantages of electronic marketing

It’s quick and if done correctly can be incredibly effective and yield a great ROI due to the low costs compared to other solutions such as traditional advertising campaigns. There is also an ease of use for your customers, the marketing will guide the user to the target page such as online shop or contact form.