Update 12 Oct 2017: We have not updated this page for a while despite having so much to shout about. The plugin has gone from strength to strength over the last year and boasts customers from the UK, USA, Canada, Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, UAE, Australia and India. We have developed some amazing new features including file attachments and candidate portal. For full information, see our dedicated Bullhorn WordPress Plugin website.

Update 3 May 2016: Another great new feature, resume uploads! We were the first Bullhorn plugin providers to fully integrate resume parsing but now due to popular request, we have created resume uploads that place candidates directly into the candidate section of Bullhorn.

Update 20 April 2016: Exciting new features coming to our WordPress plugin, all developed through high demand. Great new features include resume uploads, shortcodes (we already have search and result widgets but you asked for shortcodes, so we are giving you shortcodes), greater search filtering to really let your candidates find their perfect jobs and candidate log in sections.

Update 12 November 2015: our Bullhorn for WordPress Plugin at last count new serves over 500,000 jobs directly from Bullhorn. Our solution is tried and tested and fully supported.

Our Bullhorn API WordPress plugin allows you to connect your wordpress website to your Bullhorn system using the Bullhorn API.

The plugin features

  • bullhorna settings panel allowing you to enter your Bullhorn API keys
  • integration with LinkedIn to allow for quick and easy submissions
  • full search facility including various search filters
  • page of search results
  • job detail page containing the information you have populated within Bullhorn
  • attractive permalink structure, great for search engine optimisation
  • apply for the job facility
  • applications system within wordpress showing all applicants
  • widgets to allow you to place the job search or list of jobs on any page
  • applications inserted directly into Bullhorn
  • customisation – we can modify the wordpress plugin if you have specific needs

Our plugin uses the Bullhorn REST API for future extensibility, the SOAP API was deprecated as of December 2013 with all future development being focussed on REST.

We ave many websites currently running our plugin, please contact us for a demonstration of our plugin, if you provide your Bullhorn API details we can even tailor the demo to feature your own job lists to show the power and speed of our Bullhorn WordPress plugin.

Not based in the UK? Not a problem, we have many international clients from USA to UAE and can provide examples of websites using our plugin. We are easily contacted through Skype at any time of the day.

Contact us to find out more about our Bullhorn API WordPress Plugin and see some examples of it in action.