High purchase price, monthly fees, features you will never use, can’t do what you need it to? Any or all of those ring a bell when talking about some softwrae you have bought for your business?

So what is the solution? squarechilli of course. We build database applications tailored specifically to your requirements so it works exactly how you want and need it to work.

But that will be expensive. Wrong, often our fees to build your database application from scratch are lower than your current monthly and annual fees and then the solution is yours forever.

What database applications can you build?

Anything. Popular database applications include

  • Warehousing/stock control systems
  • HR applications such as employee databases, holiday management, staff training systems
  • File systems and file library database
  • Legal conveyancing system
  • Just about any action your company performs electronically

Our method

It is your application to help your business so we work with you to design your perfect application. We will watch how you work currently, listen to how you want to work and add our own magic to plan out your app, we will develop the application working with you at all stages, test thoroughly then deploy onto your internal system, an external webserver or run from our own dedicated application servers.

Design -> Build -> Test -> Deploy -> Refine

What is the refine stage?

Once you have seen the power, flexibility and benefit of a custom database application your imagination begins to run wild. We can further refine your application to add new features or tweak the current ones to work even better for you.

I’m convinced. What now? Contact us for an informal chat and we’ll discuss what we can do for you.