New year, new look

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You may have noticed a subtle logo change this year, this is in preparation for our new look that we had hoped to also launch this year but due to being busy running awesome projects for our customers we simply ran out of time. In the background, this year has been a superb year of […]

Your passwords – are they safe?

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We are constantly asked and reminded on websites to make our passwords stronger, which typically means making them half a mile long, contain upper and lower case characters and add a few special characters in there for good measure. Is it really worth jumping through all those hoops, will it make your password more secure? […]

Website design and development Derbyshire

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We may be based in Derbyshire but our graphic and web design can be seen all over the world. You might have noticed the skype status button on our website, that is to make contacting us easy for our international customers. Our WordPress development has increased over the last few years, our Bullhorn plugin for […]

What tweets do you want to see?

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Over the last 1275 days since we joined the twittersphere we have tweeted almost 3000 times, much about what has been on our minds, some insightful, some random ramblings but it’s all been just what we have fancied tweeting at the time. But what do you want read from an amazing brand / design / […]

Show your pictures on the Matlock website

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Have you ever wanted to proudly show your photos of Matlock to thousands of people? Now’s your chance! We are redesigning the Matlock Town Council website and aim to make it as community focussed and driven as possible and need your help. Send us your photos of Matlock and we will choose some of our […]

Creating a new application for the East Midlands Ambulance Service

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We are very proud to be chosen to create a new web based application for the East Midlands Ambulance Service. The application will replace thousands of hours data input, automating a currently paper based task. The 12 week project brings together many departments at the trust creating a scalable, robust solution. The application is built […]